Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The year so far...

Righty then...

So it's been a busy year so far which has meant that we have not really done as much flying as we would have liked.

Weather played a part in this but our main focus up until May was getting the wedding planned and ready. Kaos did a really awesome job with getting it all sorted, especially with the manic holiday week we inflicted on ourselves in the run up to the big day. Market Kitchen filming on the wednesday and Kaos cooking for Phil Vickery (at the Good Housekeeping Institute, 50 yards of Carnaby Street) in the Aldi readymeal competition as one of three finalists. Oh and that was on friday... the day before the wedding.

We are really glad we changed our minds about the location and date of the wedding. While it would have been lovely having the ceremony at Layer Marney Tower in conjunction with the kite "festival" we really felt it would be unwise to chance the May bank holiday weather. How right we were! The originally planed date of Sunday 2nd was a stinker weather wise. Moving it to the day before meant although we did have the odd shower we also had pretty decent weather for most of the day.

The honeymoon is currently in the advanced planning stages and will be at the Dieppe Kite Festival in Spetember this year!

We should have more time now to update the site and there will a couple of retrospective reviews of the festivals we have been to so far this year including Suffolk & Bedford.

Oh... how did Kaos do in the Aldi competition?? She only went and bleeding won it! Kaos is off to see the developers in June to start work on getting it into the Aldi stores which will be regional to start with. If the ready meal is a success then it will rolled out nationally. We will keep you posted!

Back soon with some Festival reviews!


Welcome to the Blog!

Hi folks.

We thought it was about time we got the blog up and running.

While our postings here might not be that regular we aim to publish some details of our escapades, festival reviews and general musings when we can.


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