Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Better Late than Never - Portsmouth International Kite Festival 2010

While i`ve got a word head on it seems sensible to get these updates done eh?

Portsmouth is one of our favourite festivals and a great chance to catch up with friends from around the country (and world).

As usual we based ourselves in the Premier Inn by the fun fair as it is a short walk to the festival site and lets face it.. you know what you are going to get :)

As for the festival... the usual great displays in all arenas although it did feel a little "lighter" compared to 2009. Having said that it might just have been down to the winds.

Great to finally meet the legendary Robert Brassington who is... well.... just a legend.

We caught up with all the usual suspects in the traders area and met Dick & Shirleys new pup. The usual craft tent was`nt in evidence although there was a smaller offering. One stand caught our eye nonetheless with some loverly jewellery being made out of various coins from around the world by hand sawing around elements of the designs to ceate some super items. Here is a link to thier website -

As the Saturday was my birthday we were in high spirits and ended up with some silly helmets from one of the trade vendors having secured a good deal. They were certainly made an impression... not sure i want to know exactly what though!

Great BBQ at Kieth & Genie's gaff (thanks for the great card!) with plenty of friends. Even had a bit of a night fly with the "neckbreaker" and allegedly managed to cause some confusion with the glowing orbs on the kite tails... heh heh.

Sunday was pretty much more of the same mooching around and a superb meal at Rib Joint not far from the festival site. We will definitley be going back there (if it is still going) next year.

Pictures from the two days are in the August 2010 Gallery on the main site.

Overall the usual great time was had and we will be back providing all is well in 2011

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